Personal Profile Entry

By becoming a supporter of the Air Force Memorial Registry Program you may add the biography of a family member, or you may add your own biography, personal pictures and stories into the national registry. Your military heritage can then be shared with your family and passed on to future generations.

Visitors of all ages can participate in a living history lesson when they see for themselves the men and women who create the proud heritage of the United States Air Force... past, present and future.

The information entered on the form will be used for creating your public biography.  A set of photographs can be emailed and added to the database at any time. Photographs submitted may be color or black and white. Pleas include the name of the individual - along with the date and location taken.

If you would like to include a Before, After, and Crew picture on your biography, please send photos along with a Donation of $10.00 per crew picture and $5.00 for the before & after pictures to:

Or Send Check to:
C/O Peter Bartsch
       756 N Milwaukee Street
       Port Washington, WI. 53074
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