About Our Project  

The United States Air Force Military Heritage Database transcribes and preserves the personal information and the military records of those individuals who served our country as members of the United States Air Force. It is our hope that other Groups will adopt this format and help build a truly National Military Heritage Database.

   The United States Air Force Military Heritage Database is composed of two sections:

 Official Military Records
Group Missions Listed by Date
All Missions Flown by an Individual
Targets, Cities & Countries
Crew Listings for Each Mission
Crew Status i.e. KIA, MIA, POW, etc.
All Missions Flown by Aircraft
Aircraft Status - Crashed, Aborted, etc.
     Mission Debriefing Reports

The data in this section has been transcribed from records in The National Archives, College Park, MD

Personal Biographies                 Name and Address
Voices and Pictures
Service Rank
Retired Rank
Medals and Awards
Memories and Diaries
Special Status and details                 Personal Legacy Pages

The data in this section is personal and has been submitted by the Veteran or his family. It has not been verified.

It's FREE to search our database. Donations are Welcome


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