44th Bomb Group Mission Number 6

Date City Country Target
6/26/1943 Villa Coublay France Airdrome

Unofficial Mission Summary 

(ODR) Thirteen aircraft of the 379th Bombardment Group, chosen from the 524th, 525th, 526th and 527th Squadrons, and suplemented by six aircraft of the 92nd Group, were assigned to bomb the Breguet Airplane factory at Villacoublay.

Excerpt from the 379th Composite Group Narrative:
It was observed that the low groups were met by FW 190's and they suffered losses due to flak. Our fighter support was out in force and the P47's were observed in hot battles with the enemy.

Verified Claims of the Villacoublay Raid:
524th Squadron
Lt. Leonard D. Baxter 1 Destroyed
Cpl. Charles J. Kukawski 1 Probable

527th Squadron
S/Sgt. Nick G. Rukavina 2 Destroyed

Excerpt from the Group Weather Officers Report
2. It is the opinion of the weather officer that the cloud cover in the target area rendered accurate high altitude bombing practically impossible and constituted sufficient reason for an unsuccessful mission.

Lawrence Barker,
2nd Lt., Air Corps,
Group Weather Officer.
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