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World War II Short History

My brother and I had always been interested in flying, so we applied to the Air Corps Cadet Group (that, itself, will put us in the pre-war period). He was accepted and became a flying cadet. I was rejected because of my age of 15 and was below the age limit. After several tries to get into the Air Corps and being rejected for several reasons, the draft came along and I was exactly the one they wanted.

I trained with the 506 and was to ship out with the others on the Shantilly, but for a medical mix-up, I literally missed the boat, but about ten or so of us were sent over in a freighter convoy during all that sub-infested period. Luckily, bout half of the convoy made it. The others were, I think, from the Ordinance, but I was in Communications and we rejoined the 506.

I can't answer the questions about the Ordinance, as I was not involved. Time has a way of diminishing remembrance, which happened to me about the names of people.

Being stationed at Shipdham, there are three officers' names I remember, I guess from being in close contact, was General Johnson, Colonel Beam, and my superior W/O Sandoval.

Art Hand informed me of the demise of one buddy, James Barron Caulfield of Water Valley, Mississippi. Barron was a historian of the fact, for he kept records of most any event that happened. Art could supply you with the address of Caulfield family to glean information from them. As we have visited, although on a limited basis, I believe they will remember my name as the person that recommended that you contact them.

The Air Corps has been part of my life from the cadet days through the war period. The time was dormant for some years, except for a nephew who retired with 28 years and another nephew with one hitch. Until my only grandson graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1996, with me having the honor of "pinning" him, he is now a flying instructor.

After years of keeping the material, pictures, etc., I sent everything to my son in Grand Prairie, Texas for keeping. There are two pictures of the presentations of some awards, I think one or two Presidential Presentations. I will request him to send them to you. I only wish I was in them, but duty came first, I was at work.
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