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Middle East
July 30

My Dearest

I sincerely hope that this letter will not ever reach you since it is one most difficult to write and may say things badly.

I wrote some time ago and said that I had finished my operational tour. That is correct, but I have been asked to go on one more mission and I will attempt to explain why I have said "yes."

The target which we will attack is one of the enemies most vital areas at this time. We are told that if the target is demolished, as it should be, that the war may be over in Europe by Christmas. The flight is probably more hazardous then any of the others we have made. These extra hazards are being willfully encountered in order to insure the demolition of the target.

Were it not for the fact that I have two brothers, three brother-in-laws and numerious friends in the service, my answer might have been different. I have been told that I may personally aid considerably in the success of this mission. I am therefore going with full realization that even if the chances are not too good that I will be helping to keep the many people that I love and respect from having to continue the conflict for an unnecessarily long time.

I will be leading my group and my group Commander, Col. Johnson, will be flying as my Co-Pilot. If it's good enough for him I'm sure it is good enough for me.

I hope all of this makes sense now. I love you so very, very much. Please take awfully good care of Bobby.

All my love,
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