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World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

January 28, 1988

Hello Irene and Will:

Curly Nelsen called last week. Was great to hear from him. Mary and Curly are also planning on Riverside. I sure hope the bunch can make it.

You know, Will, it was kinda shocking to read the long list of folded wings in the last Journal. The 44th had too many! However, I don't recall any of the names.

In reading the Journal, especially the Luftwaffe pilots account of Kassee 44, one is sure informed of that horrible day 30 of 37 downed.

Will, I have always wondered where life has taken Mrs. MacDonald, her family, that guy. I will never forget. He was very considerate to me when Barbara came down to Barksdale. I was in his office when his wife and family came in, took time to introduce me to them, and then gave leave to live off the base, all this to a raw recruit. He was a born leader as he showed on our assignment in mapping Northeast Canada (1942).

I will be dropping a line to Aldrich. Sure hope he comes to Riverside.

Speaking of grandchildren - I now have nine so you can guess we are pros. Hey, how about your school buddy, Keith Jacobs, calling me. Must get over and see him. Keith has been down your way lately.

Made my usual call Christmas Eve to Cameron. Said he would be with us at Riverside.

Give us all the news of your latest book. Count on us.

Barbara and Mike Curtin

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

67th Squadron
Location: Grenier Field or Gander Lake, Newfoundland.

Airman: Injured seriously.

Story by Michael Curtin, T/Sgt. Engineer (later M/Sgt. Crew Chief, Section Chief)

"We were all lined up to take off at near midnight for take-off on next leg to England. We had just run up the engines in preparation for take-off at three-minute intervals. No light, no radio, when "Bucky" Warne, pilot, said, "Mike, keep an eye on that guy back there as he seems nervous."

Just a few moments later, Tom Clements hollered, "I got to get out of here!"

So I told Captain Warne to hold it up a few minutes, as it looked like the guy was going to vomit. I opened the bomb bay doors, and out he went into the darkness. A second or two he ran into the prop on No. 3 engine! I've always said that I thought it was premeditated.

That held us up for awhile. I got out and drug Tom back out of the way. I don't see how he survived as he was such a mess. But First Aid was standing close by, gave him first aid and then away in an ambulance. I don't see how he ever lived."

Clements, Tom - Gunner, Sgt. Boise, Idaho. Asn. Severely injured
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