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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

November 22, 1983

Dear Will:

I believe I probably am the Joseph "R" Sullivan you refer to in your letter, as I lived in Syracuse, New York over 30 years and was a resident here while in the service.

I was drafted and entered the service in Syracuse on March 18, 1943. After infantry basic, I was assigned to an M.P. outfit at Ft. Custer, Michigan. The mission of this group was to pick up POWs at eastern ports and deliver trainloads of them to various POW camps in other parts of the country. While at Ft. Custer, I took the cadet examination at Kellogg Field (which was nearby) and was accepted for the cadet training program.

Following my transfer to the Air Corp, I had a short stint at Miami Beach, and then was assigned for CTD, to Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia. After completion of CTD I went to Nashville for classification where I was assigned for pilot training. At that time, my whole class was informed that because of reduced losses in the fighting they had an over supply of men in the "pipeline" and we would be reassigned to other duties.

I went to Buckley Field in Denver for Armourer's School and then on to Buckingham Field, Ft. Meyers, Florida for gunnery training.

Our crew came together at Westover Field, Massachusetts and after transition, we shipped out by boat to England. We left the states on January 23, 1945 and arrived on January 30, 1945 aboard the ship "Acquaintance." We participated in several (two or three) missions to Berlin, as well as other targets, such as Hamburg and Kiel, etc.

We flew a B-24 back to the states, landing at Bradley Field, Connecticut on May 30, 1945 and disbanded. I went to Sioux Falls, and then to March Field, California where I was discharged on 11/15/45. Incidentally, I was the acting first sergeant of the MPs at March, when discharged.

Attached is a list of crew. Hope it will be helpful. Would appreciate any information you might have on any of them.

Very truly yours,

Joe Sullivan


Robert W. Sanders, pilot Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Mark L. Griffin, copilot Indianapolis, Indiana. 2nd ADA. Woodside.

John E. Clark (Jr.) 2nd Lt., Nav. Cullins, New York

Raymond R. Switak, gunner Chicago

LeRoy L. Page, gunner Eaton, Indiana

Joe Wrenko, Jr., radio Exchanged Christmas Cards. Address: 1122 Rt. 46 North
Jefferson, Ohio 44047

Francis L. Christmus, engineer Believe he was from S.C., Rt. #1, Columbia. Nightingale Drive

J. T. Wood S/S, gunner Oklahoma City, OK

Joe Sullivan, gunner Syracuse, New York (now Atlanta, Georgia)

William C. McTaggart, bomb. 2 Lt. Rt. 2, East Brody, PA

I also have a photograph of the entire crew
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