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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

71 Brigham Street
Northborough, MA 01532

January 12, 1982

Dear Will:

My husband, John K. Dahlin (Ken), died very unexpectedly in August of 1974. There is not a great deal of information I can give to help you at this time, other than what is enclosed, but am suggesting that you write to Hank Strunc in Minnesota. Hank and his wife stopped to see me a little more than a year ago when they were traveling through New England - a real surprise visit as I had only had contact with them through the usual Christmas card route.

For all of our married years, Ken and I had corresponded regularly with the Strunc's, the Lords, the Welborns, and John Wilson (unmarried). About ten years ago we lost touch with Francis Welborn. He said, in his last Christmas message, that his wife had been killed in a single car accident and our cards the following two years were returned "time for forwarding had expired." So I do not know where he is now.

John Wilson died unexpectedly in 1979, but I had written him asking to identify the bomber crew in a photograph I had. From my letters, his mother wrote me that he had died from a heart attack while working out in a gymnasium. So now the list is down to the Strunc's and the Lords.

Ken had an old buddy who was also in the 8th Air Force, a POW, etc., and who lives in a neighboring town [93 BG]. Over the years, Glenn Tessmer has been very involved in the "retired" air force members, their conventions, the newsletter you referred to, and was one of those involved in establishing the 8th Air Force Library in Norwich, England and made several trips to England while working on this project.

In 1975, I visited Europe and went to Norwich and also out to the old airfield at Shipdham where Ken's crew was based. I was put in touch with a man there who escorted my traveling companions and me to the airfield. It was quite an unusual experience.

Glenn has several books written about the Air Force and said he would drop them off for me t look over sometime. He, too, was in San Antonio last year. If you were there, you may have remembered someone selling Air Force jewelry. That was Glenn. He has designed and has someone manufacture jewelry, which is sold exclusively through him -at the Smithsonian Institute - and special jewelry for several of the airlines. A book has recently been published by a Mr. Roger Freeman about the Air Force, and the colored photo on the jacket is Glenn's photo of his bomber! The same colored photo is at the museum in San Anton.

I really can't give you much more information about Ken's crew at this time, but I'm sure Hank Strunc or Jack Lord can give you more. It was good to hear from you and good luck with your project. I'm sure if Ken had lived, we would be going to some of these reunions - our children are all grown up and on their own now so we would have had the time (and money!) to travel around.


Elizabeth J. Dahlin (Betty)
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