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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)
[7 March 1944]
December 20, 1986
Dear Will:

Received your letter of December 10th. Was nice hearing from you. I was in Central America when your letter came and that's the reason for a short delay.

Will, I was originally assigned to the 44th Bomb Group in November 1943. I was flying with a night intruder B-24 unit out of Peterboro before that. We were low-level missions over France, Holland, and other places, supplying the FFI and dropping OSS agents, food, ammo, and medical supplies.

Anyway, I was assigned to 66th Bomb Squadron as a spare. But I wound up flying with Spencer Hunn. Flew with him for about 15 missions and when we went to group, I asked for a transfer to the 67th Squadron. Then I flew with Ivan Stepnick and Middleton, Cameron and others.

Now, as for Glenn Folsom crew. I Knew them well. I remember the day of the accident. It was terrible because they didn't make any combat missions. They were on a practice mission. Beside Folsom, there were three other people on board. The copilot, engineer and radio operator.

I knew all the fellow, but after 42 years, I have forgotten some of the names, but I remember some of them.

Glenn Folsom - pilot - Killed
[Paul F. Purdue] - copilot - Killed. Cannot remember name
[E. G. Gilligan] - engineer - Killed.
Theodore Bessen - radio operator - Killed
Albert Abercrombie - gunner - Not killed. Did not fly
John Parlapiano - gunner - Not killed. Did not fly

Will, that's about all I can help you with at this time. Maybe you can run across a special order assigning the crew to the squadron. If I saw or could see the picture, maybe I could recognize them.

In the September 1986 journal, page 13, you will see me in a picture with some fellows from 67th not 506th. I am the 4th on the right.

Write me when you feel like it and if you want to call, my phone is 813-934-7168. Wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Hope to be at the next reunion.
Sincerely, Peter Passavantis
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