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(Letter sent to Will Lundy)

Lorin Voigt
12480 Morning Mist Lane
Auburn, CA 95602-8435

January 20, 2000

Dear Sir:

I have been in contact with Marion Winkelbaur, Don Lakey's sister. He was a prisoner of war the same as I was, both in Stalag Luft 4, Germany. She has said that you wanted to get everyone in your database. Also said you would send to me a form to fill out. Maybe I can be of some help.

Lorin Voigt

* * *

January 30, 2000

Dear Will:

I was glad to receive the information you sent me. You asked if my name was spelled wrong. It was and the correct name is Lorin L. Voigt. I got so tired of correcting them about putting an "h" in my name; I gave up and let it be. On my discharge it is spelled correct.

You sent me a copy of the missions and that my crew and I were on. According to my separation Army qualification record, I entered the active service on December 1, 1942, flew 23 missions over Germany and discharged October 13, 1945. Was prisoner of war for ten months.

You also state that Ted , our pilot, was a prisoner of war. To the best of my understanding, he got with the underground in Holland. This is what I was told - no proof.

I have lived in Auburn for ten years. I go through Cool about twice a month when I go fishing up out of Georgetown.

I have met another POW here. He lives in the Lake of the Pine, not too far from Auburn.

He sent me information on the B-17 and B-24 which was very interesting. He belongs to a POW group in Sacramento. I hope to see him at the next meeting. His name is Mark Osweller, 23097 Broad Court, Auburn, CA, 95602.

Thank you.

Lorin Voigt
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