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This man and his brother, pilot James, died on 8 April 1944, two weeks later than last letter. Lt. Robert P. Russell, Legacy Section.

Sent by Kathryn Kniesche
Box 196 Coconut Grove Sta
Miami 33, Florida USA

15 March 1944

Kay, dear person:

I got what I wanted so very much and am now riding on the same crew with my brother. He is copilot. We are going down to investigate the pubs in the nearby town tonight.

I wish that I might have seen you again before leaving but there was no chance at all to come by. You must know that I was glad to be in the way again and whatever happens I am happy to be over here.

Living conditions are much better for us than they were in India. And the countryside is so lovely that one was to know he is in England to realize that he is not in some less familiar section of our United States.

It's a pretty grand feeling to be with these lads. I'm not interested in heroics, but somehow I feel that I may now have a chance to count for a bit more.

You are very dear to me. I hold you close and we know. Goodnight darling.

Bob (forgot I wrote Phil - my Army name)

* * *

25 March 1944

Kay, dear person:

We are happily situated in the 67th Sq. of the 44th Bomb Group, APO 558, NYC. I say happily because this is a famous, proud fighting outfit and I have never served under superiors whom I respected more.

Our living conditions are good. Frank and I have prowled around the pubs of some of the town and hope to buy bicycles so we may see more of the countryside. I know that here I shall have the chance to count for something against the Nazis and don't believe I'll fumble it. In any case, I shall have had the exhilaration of associating with men who did a job well.

I would love being close to you this night - but that interpretation of spirit which we have learned over so much of time and distance being joy to me now. Tell me how things go with the inner Kay. Take my hand and wish upon (unreadable) or hills - wherever you are - against the sky and know your love is a special treasure for me.

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