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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)
750-68 B Lido Blvd.
Lido Beach, NY 11561

Dear Will:

Received your letter of October 8 when I returned from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. We went there to attend the 8th Air force Memorial Services that were held on 9 October, honoring those of our buddies who were killed in the ETO, a small contingent of 44th'ers were their including General Johnson and General Posey. The 44th Memorial Plaque is the first in line followed by many other groups, both bombers and fighters. Over 2,500 people stood in the rain throughout the entire services. We then spent a full day going through the air museum. It was quite exciting, seeing all those old planes and new ones as well.

Of course, I have no objection to your use of any of the material I supplied to Captain David Klaus. I have only one request and that is for Capt. Klaus to return the photos I sent him.

Yes, I do remember meeting you at Rapid City. I was in Captain Mercer's crew and we all stood around talking to you about our crew chief, whose name I don't remember [Louis Mastronardie]. He was a little Italian fellow from my former hometown of Brooklyn. Next year we hope to have all ten of us at our next reunion.

Your request for clarification of the radio abbreviations I used in my diary sort of shook me up. Remember, it's been almost forty years. However, I think I remember most of them. During the early part of the war and while in radio school, we were taught code groups beginning with "Q." For example, QRS - send slower; ORF - send faster; QDM - compass heading and etc. When I first arrived in the ETO, they switched to "Z" signals. Just before we became operational, we were switched back to "Q" signals. This was to confuse the enemy, I think. It really confused us much more than it did the enemy. On a separate sheet I am enclosing an explanation of signals I used in my diary.

I hope the enclosed information can be of some use in your newly written 67th squadron book. I would like to see a copy when you finish it.

Yes, I did see Joe Crocolisi after the war. He was in excellent health. Being a POW had no ill effects on Joe. I lost contact with him quite some years ago. I seem to remember that he left New York.

I hope I have been able to contribute in some small way to your new book. If you need any further information, please contact me.

Good Luck, Sid Kipnes
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