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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Early Missions

Lt. Comey's crew arrived at Shipdham, England shortly before the combat forces were transferred (detached service) to North Africa - 23 June 1943. Unknown then, the reason was Tidal Wave - Ploesti, but the 9th AF decided to use the three groups from England to aid them on attacks on Sicily and Italy.

Lt. Comey's crew did not have a plane assigned to them, so this crew was split up, most going along with Comey (as a copilot to the Lt. Flaherty crew. Albert went along to Africa on Lt. Reed's crew. He did not return to Comey's crew until returning to Shipdham the last of August.

Missions flown with Lt. Reed's crew in Africa:

July 2, 5, 6, 13, 15, 17.
August 13 (1st attack on Weiner Neustadt, Austria), 19, 21.

Returned to Shipdham, then on 16 September again on DS to Africa.

September 16 (Comey's crew)
October 1 (Comey's crew). Again W-N, Austria badly damaged and aircraft left in Africa, returned to Shipdham on Air Transport Command aircraft.

Still in process of obtaining further records from the archives so details from here to mid-1944 rather vague as to crewmen on each mission other than the pilots.
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