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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)


Mary said "write," so here I go. She isn't boss, but I just do what she says to make her think she is. I am ashamed I owe everyone a letter. They wouldn't miss anything if I didn't write but if I don't they won't and I like to hear from everyone.

I have brought a pick-up and been spending my spare time dressing it up. I need one to pull behind the motor home if the weather ever gets to where we can go some place.

Yes, I remember Frank Stegbauer. He was the first I saw I knew besides our gang when we were at San Antonio. He was with Bill Aldridge. I think I told you about him sending us a package when he came home. We were wanting white undershirts. He sent several and several bottles of shaving lotion, hair oil, and such. We were belly aching because we could get it over there. That made me think! Sure enough, every bottle had the same color in it. I opened one, started drinking it. George Baccash said, "You crazy Indian. That will kill you!" I said, "I don't care. It's good." He said, "Let me taste that." I told him to get his own lotion. You know what came next - several drinks to old Frank.

I can't write anyway and sure can't with Krystal on my back. She thinks all I am suppose to do is entertain her.

I hope you all can make it to R. City. It seems everyone is planning to go. We should be hearing from them soon. Was good hearing from you.

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