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17 July 1943 [legacy, Curtis Griffin]
Griffin, Curtis - MACR #149 - 42-63763
by George L. Kelsey

When I first saw Lt. Griffin's ship, he was out by himself, heading in for the formation. There was smoke coming out from the wing at approximately the position of the No. 4 engine. There were two fighters coming in on the ship. One at about 2 o'clock high, and one at 6 o'clock low. There was one chute that came out by itself. The ship then looked to be out of control and sliding off to the left. The right wing broke off between No. 3 and No. 4 engines. At the same time, five other chutes came out. The last I saw of the ship it was headed down towards a bunch of white clouds. It looked like the ship might have been partially brought under control at this time.

The last I saw of A/C 763 was 1,000 feet almost directly below our formation. The No. 4 engine was flaming fiercely; however, the plane was under control, flying in the same direction as the formation. A few seconds later, the plane swung to the left under our aircraft and out of sight. No chutes. Fire from the right wing, alongside but gradually losing altitude - one parachute. Then two Me 109s made a pass to five more chutes, out of control and right wing came off between No. 3 and No. 4 engine.
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