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Gideon  W.  Warne


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Flight Log
November 1942 to March 1943
World War II

November 23, 1942
Ship "Maggie." B-24-D from Shipdham to local. 5 hours. This was a practice bomb run, Isle of Man. J.B. Long, copilot

November 24, 1942
Same ship. Shipdham to Martlesham 4 h. 45 min. Selsey Bill @ 20,000'. Field closed in on return. Used searchlight to get in.

November 25, 1942
Same ship. Martlesham to Shipdham, hour. Mayen navigated back. Missed field 1 mile.

November 28, 1942
Same ship. Shipdham to local. 1 h. 10 min. Brown shot three landings; was okay.

November 30, 1942
Same ship. Shipdham to local. 2 h. 20 min. Local gunnery at 20,000 ft. All three squadron.

December 1, 1942
Same ship. Same itinerary. 1 h. 15 min. Local formations; staff showing us how local. Swung compass some. Brown shot good landings.

December 6, 1942
Same as above. 3 h. 20 min. Dubard of 68th got shot down. 68th claim five FWs and ? probables, bombing Abbeville drome at 24,000. Fighters cancelled it. (66th or 67th recalled).


Grounded December 11 to January 18th - cut hole in left eardrum to relieve infection

January 18, 1943
Ship 41-23832 B-14D. 1 h. Cleared to fly under 3,000 ft. around field.

January 25, 1943
41-23818 B-14D. Shipdham to Bovingdon. 45 min. Took Lt. Billings down. Copilot for Lt. Mitchell.

Same Bovingdon to Shipdham. 45 min. Mitchell needs taxi time and landings.

January 26, 1943
Ship 41-23832. From Shipdham to local. 2 hours. Practice bombing. Mayen did fair in formation.

January 27, 1943
41-23832. Same. Shipdham to combat. 4 h. 25 min. Bombed Dutch town instead of Emden; lost 2 B-24s. (Cargile and Sullivan). Klug got FW190. Walker, Marquez and ???

February 10, 1943
"Maggie" Shipdham to local. 2 hours. Brown and Mayen flew around E. Anglia.

February 11, 1943
DF-514 Oxford. Shipdham to local. 2 hours. Flew Gong's Oxford. Just like an AT-17 5BA.

February 12, 1943
Ship 41-23832 B-24D. Shipdham to local. 2 h. 45 min. Practiced T-O and ascent through overcast.

February 15, 1943
Same ship. Shipdham. 3 h. Raided Dunkirk for Jap Raider Tojo. Flak got Cullen with Maj. MacDonald; Oliphant lost in Channel. Cramer beached ship English Coast. Cullen and Zeke did half-roll and then straight down. Two swell guys.

February 16, 1943
Billings ran into little J.B. Long over Channel. Little man never had a chance. Went down burning. Some saw four chutes from the two ships. Doubt if J.B. got out. He was one swell little guy. Flak was intense and accurate.

Same day
Same ship. Shipdham to combat (7) 6 hours. Raided St. Nazaire behind 3 17s. Lots of flak. Running fight on way home. Hobbs got FW. Falls???

February 18, 1943
Same. 1 h. 35 min. Local formation. Tried dry runs on AFCE.

February 24, 1943
Same. 2 h. 20 min. Flew wing on AFCE bomb run. Pretty rough.

February 26, 1943
Same. 2 h. 15 min. (1 h 15 daytime; 1 h. night). Search over North Sea for McPhillamey. No luck. Night landing okay. Good field lights.

February 27, 1943
Same. 5 h. 15 min. Raided Brest with no losses. Flak was inaccurate and light. Very few fighters. 24,500' - good show.

March 2, 1943
Same. 1 h. 15 min. To raid Rennes. Called back over field.

March 4, 1943
Same. 3 h. 30 min. Diversion flight almost to Wilhemshaven. No E/A. No flak. Did not drop bombs.

Same day
Same. 1 h. Night. Local stuff. Brown and I shot two lousy landings.

March 6, 1943
Same. 5 h. 15 min. Brest again. Spitfire cover good. Lots of flak. Bombs missed badly. No fighter attacks.

March 12, 1943
Same. 2 h. 30 min. Diversion raid towards Dunkirk for B-17s. No fighters or flak. Followed 93rd BG. Looks okay.

March 13, 1943
Same. 2 h. 15 min. Diversion again. First time old Maggie had to turn back. Gas leak from fuel cocks.

March 14, 1943
Ship 41-24232 "Calaban." Same itinerary. 2 h. 45 min. (1 h. 45 min. day; 1 h. night). Checked Brown out for night local. Local formation in new ship. All okay.

March 17, 1943
Ship 41-23832. 2 h. 45 min. 93rd leads too slow at level. Another diversion towards Dunkirk.

March 18, 1943
Same. 5 h. 20 min. Bombed Vegesack, Germany. Met FW190s, ME 109s, JU88s. Mello Hell! Mello. Good ride. Flak.

March 20, 1943
Same. 2 h. 15 min. Local formation and transition with Lt. Roch. Okay.

March 22, 1943
Same. Time? Raid on Wilhelmshaven. Shot down by fighters with only two crewmembers becoming POW - Walker and Klug.
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