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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Joined the 44th at Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma, August 1942.
Late August, joined the Air Echelon, departed W. R. Field en route to Grenier Field.
B-24 flight to England in September, 1943.

Flew missions until 17 May 1943 when with Lt. Ray Hilliard as navigator, target Bordeaux, France, was forced to land in Spain to be interned. A/C #42-40130 H. AVENGER II. Later, after being moved to Gibralter, was flown back to England in August and was reassigned.

Discharged in 1946.
Recalled during the Korean War.
Retired from the Air Force in 1965 or 66.
For many years he flew either in SAC or MATS bases.
While at Loring AFB, he was Logistics Officer.

After retiring from Air Force, he taught school (high school mathematics) in upper Main. Stomach problems caused his death.

Written by his wife, Dorothy.

December 15, 1989

Dear Will:

In my attempt to get out to the post office (what with all I had to do this week) delayed mailing the "Skyways to Berlin" for you.

Yesterday, received a car from Dorothy Auston. She wrote that Bill "Whitey" died in May.

I then called her last evening. She told me that Bill had been receiving the "Logbook" journal, but that she hadn't written anyone. She gave me the information in case you are interested.

William T. Auston (Lt. Col) Retired, died May 5, 1989.

As you already know, he was with the 66th Squadron, 44th bomb Group. Will Roger Field, August 1942, to Grenier Field, then England in September 1942 - to May 17th 1943. Then interned in Spain. Then back to England in August 1943 and was reassigned.

He was discharged in 1946 and recalled during the Korean War. Retired from A.F. 1965(66). In many years was in flying status either SAC or MATS bases. At Loring AFB he was Logistics Officer.

After returning from A.F. he taught school (high school mathematics).

Needless to say, I was saddened to learn of his death, as they thought all was well except for stomach problems.

Foregoing for your information.

Again, thanks for all you do. Eleanor.
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