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Philip  P.  Phillips, Jr.


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Philip Parry Phillips
World War II
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This history was taken from a letter written by Charlotte Johnson who is Parry's sister. Charlotte is writing the letter for Parry's mother, Catherine, who is 86 years old and blind.


Dear Mr. Lundy:

Thank you very much for your letter. Lt. Phillips was my son. He did not return form the first low-level bombing raid on Ploesti on August 1, 1943.

These many years, I have longed to hear form someone in his bomb group - someone who knew him. I believe he was in the 66th Squadron. Did you know "Wild Bill?" He was a test pilot and was killed while testing a plane. My son was very close to him. My son's plane was the "8 Ball."

I would appreciate it if you would keep me informed of any plans this group may make and I would be most grateful if some of the boys who may have known Parry would write to me.

Sincere regards,

Mrs. Catherine Phillips
2 Bridge Square, Apt. 904
Anoka, Minn. 55303
(Sister of Parry's)


Dear Mr. Lundy:

I really don't know how I can thank you for your very prompt and informative letter. It is a relief to know at last what really happened.

You have to be a very special person to go to all the painstaking searching that is necessary to find this information. My son was wounded in March, but recovered just in time to volunteer for this mission out of Bengazi. He was flying with a totally different crew and he had already completed the required number of missions before coming home.

He was Air Force heart and soul. But in those days, such dedication was not unusual.

In August 1947, he was buried in a mass grave with the other members of the crew in the military cemetery at Jefferson Barracks at St. Louis. It seems so long ago now. And I appreciate the names and addresses of the crewmembers. We did have them so they are familiar. Since we first received them, they have disappeared. We did write to all of them long ago but our son was a stranger to those families.

We thank you for your efforts on our behalf. You have been most kind.


Mrs. Catherine Phillips

P.S. I think you should know that this letter as well as the previous letter was not actually written by Mrs. Phillips. She is 86 years old and has been blind for several years. I am the older sister of Lt. Phillips. We were very close and I have missed him every one of those days since August 1, 1943. I just want to add my appreciation for all you have done. It has to be a labor of love and I thank you.

Charlotte Johnson
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