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Personal Legacy
The MHD shows several Weants. There was only one, his given name was Willie Baxter Weant. He was the co-pilot on our crew. As you know our crew was split up upon assignment to the 68th. Weant, Peterson, the navigator, Hulpiau, the bombardier, and Morton, the engineer became members of William "Doc" Hughes crew. All of them flew most of their missions with Hughes.

After the Ploesti low-level mission Weant was made a first pilot. He was leading the Kjeller, Norway mission. Col Brandon was his command pilot. They went to Sweden and he and Willie were interned for about two months.

Upon return to the squadron he flew a few more missions with other 44t squadrons. He then was sent to Col. Bernt Balchen's covert B-24 unit, known as OPERATION SONNIE, flying out of Leu chars, at the very northern tip of England.

A few missions later he returned to the US. Upon return to civil life he studied for the Lutheran ministry, became a beloved pastor and headed up the Lutheran Mission work, nationally. Sometime after he left the service he shed the Willie and became known as W.Baxter Weant. Both, Willie and Baxter, died about twenty years ago.
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