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(Taken from a letter written to Will Lundy by Orville's daughter, Ruth)
Orville was KIA 2/2/44

September 21, 1998

Dear Will:

It's been a long time and I was pleasantly surprised to find your letter with enclosures in my post box here in our complex. Thanks very much. I was pleased to receive Orville's flight record sheets. Until now all we knew of the 1943 fall months was that he had been on some type of patrol service - watching for enemy submarines off the coast of England, and I had wondered how and when he had made the number of sorties that made him feel (in his latest letters) that he would soon have enough for that "longed for leave to U.S." He was one of those so anxious that he made himself available for that extra flight with a crew put together for that one flight.

I have appreciated everything that you and Kevin and others have done. Kevin sent me a video of the memorial services and a cassette "Ruth-Less" by Peter Wilkinson - an entire album of many of his songs besides "Ruth-Less." Apparently Orville was flying in the "Ruth-Less" his first time that fateful day. That bomber just happened to have my name (Ruth) which brought back a memory of mine that has surface so often: I presented Orville at graduation of flight training with the standard regulation white nylon flight scarf that was sold at that time. He made a visit on leave to our home prior to going overseas accompanied by his finance. I noticed how soiled that scarf was and while they were out visiting others one day, I washed it with care and put it back - the fiancee saw it and (he was not there yet) said, "Oh, he never would allow anyone to wash that scarf as it was his "mascot" - "lucky charm" - then she realized what she had said and assured me, "-but since it was you who washed it, that will be all right because he just thinks that everything you do is so special!!!" -- I never let him know what Margie had told me - but wouldn't it make one WONDER??? Of course, I am not really superstitious, but what a "coincidence!!!" I always wished the scarf had been returned to us after the crash but, to my knowledge, it was not among the items returned to Dad by Uncle Sam! (Thanks for listening)!!

Hoping you receive this letter before you return to your winter home. Of course, it would be forwarded I am sure. Thanks again. Best regards to you and your wife.


Ruth W. Swanson
705 4th St. SE No. 7
Lake Preston, SD 57249-2155
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