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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

246 Market Street, No. 109
Lawell, Mass. 01852

Florida Address (until 3/31/82) King's Rest Motel, 7330-4th St., North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33702

27 February 1982

Dear Mr. Lundy:

Your letter dated 1/6/82 was forwarded to me and received this date in Florida where I have been vacationing since November 1981.

Yes, I am the one who was on a B-24 and flying with George Lemley who was our radio operator. Our steady pilot was Paulino Ugarte. And, I remember George very well. I will write to George as soon as I can.

I am now retired from the federal government, working in the Veterans Administration, and I usually spend my winters in Florida. Have been down here since November and will return to Massachusetts on March 31st.

Many thanks for writing and rest assured I will write to George.

I used to write to George Forgich, but all of a sudden he stopped writing. The address you gave me is the right one, I'm sure.

In closing, hope my letter finds you well. Again, many thanks.


Lionel W. Beauchesne
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