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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

517 Elm St.
Paris, IL 1944

November 26, 1984

Dear Will:

About the crew you asked about. All I can remember is the pilot's name being on the mission board and the engineer's name of Cheek sounds familiar.

I was a member of Charles L. Armstrong's crew when they made him operations officer of the 66th . I flew with anybody I could fill in for. Pete (Henry) waist gunner was grounded, so I flew my last three missions with him. I painted the nose art on Little Henry for him and his E. M. were in our Quonset hut.

Dick Harris sent me a copy of the photo and I gave him a positive identification on our three officers. I also gave him all I could about their whereabouts.

The last I knew about Frank B. Sneff was in Van Nuys. He was still living the war and dating letter VE plus so many days. His letters were post marked from some little town by the VA Hospital (that may give you a clue). Camille J. Pelletier was from Evansville, IND. His parents have both passed away.

He retired from service as a LC in the mid-60s. He was going to retire and move to Florida. He retired from Scott Field Air Base. You have the EM on the crew correct. Pisarski and Christopher are both dead. The last I knew, Arthur D. Schreck was in Fort Worth, Texas. Joe Arangeli came from New Mexico and Arthur Jenkins came from Brewer Maine.

Hope this helps you out.


Art Hand
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