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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Pittsburgh, PA

November 30, 1983

Dear Will:

You are right. I was on Ulosovich's crew. I was also on Tex Burress' crew before that. Previous to that I was on Griffith's crew as a second engineer and was later grounded. Hal Pinder, I Knew from Pittsburgh before the war. He took our first radio operator with him when he went down. Sofferman was subsequently killed but I saw Pinder once in Pittsburgh after the war.

I have been corresponding recently with Forrest Clark who was 2nd radio operator on Griffith's crew. We are talking about getting together after the holidays.

I was also on a crew with Ray McNamara, though we just called him Mac and I couldn't have given you his first name. Charlie Green was also on the same crew as I was. I think it was Mike's rather than Tex's.

I understand that Forrest Clark went to the reunion at Norwich. Yes, I do have 44th Libs over Europe. In fact, it has a picture and story of Griffith's crew's raid on Kjeller, Norway. The plane was totaled.

About myself, I came home and got a job and started night school at Carnegie Tech (Now Carnegie Mellon). I had been taking some night school courses before the war but entered on a formal degree program and graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1956. Got my P.E. registration in 1957. I didn't have to wait four years because I had my practical experience by then.

I'm married, have three daughters, six grandchildren. I worked in two steel mills but mostly for Bloom Engineering in the combustion field. I took early retirement this June when business got bad. I had over 30 years in and beyond that you don't generate any extra percent on your pension. My wife's name is Dorothy and she is still working. She is 4 years younger and I just turned 62 in September.

The only address I have other than Clarks is Hal Pinder's and I just looked him up in the phone book today, but I see you list him as being one you have.

Guess that's about all I have to report. I'm not a typist, so bear with the mistakes. It should be easier to read than my handwriting.

A happy holiday to you and yours,

John W. Gibboney

P.S. If you have Charlie Green's address, I'd like to have that. He came from up around Oswego or Hornell, NY and gave two towns as home, maybe not these two.
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