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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

May 10, 1988

Enclosed is a list of missions that our crew were part of. I do not know how accurate they are. When I was at embarkation back to the states in England, we were told to destroy all diary's, etc. that we had. If any were found, we would be detained in Europe. I hastily copied what info I really needed and slipped it into my wallet. This was on onionskin. When I found it many years later, it was in bad shape. Kodak came out with their wet copier and I made some copies but not very good ones. I did not get a good copy when Xerox came along. This is what I copied this from.

Also, at the bottom is a list of our crew. The only one I have contact with is Pat Colucci. Our bombardier, Amos Boyle, stayed in the service and was killed in a training mission in the states. I do not remember the date.

In the book photo history (Harvell's book), where the crews are listed, No. 1 shows Captain O'Brien and crew. This I do not have a copy of. It was taken one morning before a mission with the crew chief. If I am not mistaken, it is Jorgenson and the crew chief. All my pictures were lost in one of the hurricanes we had here in New Orleans. But I remember it well. No one wanted to take the picture, but the pilot prevailed and we posed. In the same book, our crew is in the group picture on the third pages of pictures. The one with a W.A.C. on the first row, there isn't a caption on the bottom of the picture. I know you do not have any control over this publication, but this is for your information.

Enclosed is a check for $26.00 for your book the "History of the 67th Bomb Squadron." Thanks for your prompt reply. I will send you some things I remember about my tour of duty in England. It will be in three-column layout.


Mike Yuspeh

List of Missions - Crew B24 England
June 28, 1944 to January 31, 1945
44th Bomb Group, 506 Squadron
Aircraft: Southern Comfort - Code Bar "R"
Aircraft No. 42-50896

August 1 Corbie (R.R.B.) Mission 1 (Primary was Corbie, but his group hit T/O)
August 3rd Mery-Sour Oise, France Mission 2
August 4th Kiel, Germany Mission 3
August 5th Brunswick, Germany Mission 4
August 7th Saleux, Germany (France?) Mission 5
August 12th Juvincourt, France Mission 6
August 14th Lyon Bron Air Field, France Mission 7
August 15th Ardorf Air Field, France Mission 8
August 16th Kathen, Germany Mission 9
August 18th Nancy Essey Air Field, France Mission 10
August 30th Haut-Muisall, France Mission 11
September 8th Karlsruhe, Germany Mission 12
September 11th Hanover, Germany Mission 13
September 13th Schwabish Hall Air Base, Germany Mission 14
October 2nd Hamm, Germany Mission 15
October 5th Lippstadt Air Field, Germany Mission 16
October 7th Leverhusen (Kassel), Germany Mission 17
October 12th Achmer, Germany (Two targets hit.
Most hit Osnabruck; Achmer not hit) Mission 18
October 14th Kaiserlautern, Germany Mission 19
October 15th Cologne, Germany Mission 20
October 17th Leverkusen, Germany Mission 21
October 19th Gustavsburg, Germany Mission 22
October 30th Hamburg, Germany Mission 23
November 4th Gelsenkirken, Germany Mission 24
November 6th Stenrude, Germany (Sterkrade) Mission 25
November 9th Metz, Germany Mission 26
November 10th Hanau/Langendiebach, Germany Mission 27
November 29th Altenbeken, Germany Mission 28
December 4th Kolsch-Hausen, Germany. (Main force
Hit Berba, Germany. Our T/O disputed
and was either Wetzlar or as you showed
Kolschhausen) Mission 29
December 10th Bingen, Germany Mission 30
December 12th Aschaffenburg, Germany Mission 31
December 27th Homburg, Germany Mission 32
December 29th Stadtkyle, Germany Mission 33
December 30th Ahrweiler Area at Altenhar, Germany Mission 34
January 2nd Koblenz/Lutzel, Germany Mission 35

Crew Members: Thomas Waters (Muddy), pilot; Victor Louise, copilot; Amondos (Amos) Boyle-Bombardier; Robert (Bob) Daniels, navigator; Michel (Mike) Yuspeh, engineer; Robert (Bob) Funke, radio man; Patrick (Pat) Colucci, waist gunner; Alfred G. Hawkins (Al), waist gunner; Charles (Chuck) Walsh, top turret gunner; Eugene (Gene) McMahon, tail gunner.
Rank: T. Sergeant-Serial No. 14096110

Items to Remember: Mission No. 25, Nov. 6, 1944-2000#. Bomb stuck in bomb bay - put on portable oxygen bottle and manually tripped the bomb. Released. Bomb fell some place in France.

Mission No. 27, Nov. 10th, 1944. Was in top turret getting some sun when we were hit with a lot of flak. Top of turret was blown off. A piece of shrapnel pierced my flak helmet and lodged in the rubber ear cup of fight helmet. My face was scratched and I was knocked out for a short period of time.

Decorations: Distinguish Flying Cross
Air Medal - Four Oak Leaf Cluster
Meritorious Service
Good Conduct Medal
European-Africa-mid-East Theatre Medal - Four Battle Stars
World War II Victory Medal
Marksmanship Rifle - May 1944
Marksmanship Pistol - December 1944
Aviation Badge (AR 95 60)

Date of Separation: September 17, 1945
Date of Enlistment: March 24, 1942
Departed U.S. June 16, 1944. Arrived England June 28, 1944
Departed England January 31, 1945. Arrived United States Feb. 14, 1945
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