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(Taken from letter to Will Lundy)

December 14, 1994

Dear Will

Thank you for your letters and attachment. Your records must have me confused with one of the other Lt. Young's who were in the 44th Group. There was Robert, Joseph and myself, Jim. The 4th one I don't recall his first name.

I was navigator on Jim Bunce's crew. Plane #606, TimiBaar on 8/13/43.

On 8/14 or 15, 1943, I developed throat problems. Went to sick bay and was immediately taken to hospital, U.S. Hospital, in Benghazi. It turned out I had poliomyelitis-left side. You may or may not recall that at that time, August 1943, there were 36 cases of polio from the five bases that the B-24s used. Two cases were "Bulba," case requiring the iron lung. I understand that they subsequently died.

In late September, I was transferred to General Hospital-Cario and remained there till late November 1943 when I was air lifted to the states.

Spent 3 months recuperating - was on heavy therapy scheduled.

End of March 1944, was transferred to Hot Springs, Arkansas-Army-Navy Hospital. Went before the board and was approved to return to active duty. Assigned air transport command, ferrying A/C all over the world until discharge on 12/13/45.

Will, I understand 44th Group (406 Squadron) went back to Benghazi in October 1943 for another mission over Wiener Neustadt.

I understand "Timbaar" took direct hit and was lost. I understand survivors (3-4) were POWs till 1945.

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