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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

17 April 1989

5700 Bransford Road
Colleyville, Texas 76934

Dear Will:

I was very pleased to receive your letter and to get all the information about my old 67th squadron.

I have wondered over the years if there would ever be a reunion of our 55th Bomb Group. I'm pleased that it is to be in Fort Worth since Colleyville is on the outskirts of Fort Worth.

I am sorry to say that I did not remember you. We moved around so much wile I was in the 67th. I went to Africa twice.

Some of the names you mentioned are familiar to me. I remember Bill Cameron, Curley Nelson and Bagley who was our crew chief in Africa. I never did get to know too many of the other crews because they changed so often.

I have been in contact with some of my crew since we returned to the states. John Russell, our waist gunner lived near me in Fort worth for awhile. Clark Bailey came to see me at one time. Lester Schwartz and I corresponded for several years and then I lost track of him. I went to see James Hill several years ago. I have not heard from Pitcovic, Reeves, Schuler or Egan. Reeves did not finish his missions with us. He was shot down over France but I had heard that he was returned to his base.

His first mission was to Norway. Several of the planes ran out of fuel. No one knew what happened to Dobson and his crew. Our plane was named "Calaban" and we flew 19 missions in it. When we returned from our second trip to Africa, they sent us to a rest and recreation center in England. While we were there one of the new crews flew "Calaban" and didn't return. We were told that they were under the formation when the bombs were dropped and were knocked down by the bombs. They gave us a new B-24H. We finished our missions in it. It was never named to my knowledge.

After we lost Dobson as copilot, we got a flight officer who had been interned in Portugal but I can't recall his name.

As historian, I don't know what information you would be interested in, but this gives you a rundown on our crew. I have some photographs that I thought you might be interested in having and I am enclosing them with names on the back for your information.

By the way, I am retired from General Dynamics in Fort Worth after 33 years of service. General Dynamics is where a lot of our B-24s were made.

I received a letter from Joe Warth. You may know him since he flew on a plane called "Southern Comfort" and was shot down over Foggia. I was on that mission. Joe Warth also said that General Leon Johnson had registered for the reunion.

I am looking forward to seeing you and all of the others from our squadron. If you get the addresses of any of my crew members, I would appreciate it very much if you would send them to me. Thank you for telling me of the whereabouts of Reeves. I have not contacted him yet.


Hubert J. Womack
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