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Personal Legacy
Combat Missions
506th Squadron
World War II

Mission 1 - April 6, 1944
Flew copilot for Lt. Paul. Coast of France. Military Inst. 1 miles W/SW of Watten France.

Mission 2 - April 8, 1944
First full crew. Brunswick, Winn, Sprinkle, Marx, Hersing, and Johnson all from 506 lost. Sprinkle's first mission.

Mission 3 - April 18, 1944
Berlin. Ran into clouds near target. Formation broke up and we came home with a strange, unknown group.

Mission 4 - April 19, 1944
Airfield 28 miles E/O Munster, Gutersloh.

Mission 5 - April 20, 1944
Calais - French Coast A/F. Returned with bombs. Charlie restricted for missing mission.

April 22, 1944
No mission. Climbed to 18,000 through clouds, couldn't form group. Let down through fog. Logged four hours.

Mission 6 - April 22, 1944
Zwickau FW repair factory. Afternoon mission. Came home at dark. German night fighters followed us in. Landed in blackout. Lots of shooting!

April 26, 1944
Mazza flew with another crew. Gutersloh, no bombing.

Mission 7 - April 27, 1944
Chalons-sur-Marne, near Paris, RR yards.

Mission 8 - April 29, 1944
Berlin. Fighters, but no damage. Hruby reported ditched. Two other ships lost as well.

Mission 9 - May 3, 1944
Pas de Calais-St. Omer. Cat. "A" Damage and Capt. Allison, flight surgeon flew with us.

Mission 10 - May 7, 1944
Osnabruk, a PFF raid.

Mission 11 - May 8, 1944
Same target as 19th April. Bad flak. Hit. E/A fighters hit another group hard.

Mission 12 - May 9, 1944
St. Trond/Brustrem A/F in Belgium. Frag bombs hung up in bomb bay. Stoltenburg pulled them loose!!

May 10, 1944
Took off, but mission scrubbed. Weather bad

Mission 13 - May 11, 1944
Diepholtz, Germany. A/F Target near Switzerland. German fighters went through formation, chased by P-47s.

May 13, 1944 - Aborted mission. Went on leave on 14th (Tutow, Germany).

Mission 14 - May 23, 1944
Airfield at Avoro, 18 miles west of Bourges, France.

Mission 15 - May 24, 1944
Melun A/F, 25 miles south of Paris.

Mission 16 - May 25, 1944
Belfot M/Y So. Germany near Munich. A A/C to Switzerland.

Mission 17 - May 27, 1944
Fecamp, France. A milk run on French Coast. Jack Winn and McEven reported POWs.

Mission 18 - May 31, 1944
Found heavy clouds over France and Brussels and returned to base, but got sortie credit.

Mission 19 - June 2, 1944
Coastal guns, etc. Another milk run on French Coast.

Mission 20 - June 3, 1944
French Coast at St. Albins. Became separated from squadron in bad weather. Led Hruby and Hawkins back to base.

Mission 21 - June 6, 1944
D-Day! Hit Coast on second trip. Did not bomb due to weather over our own troops.

Mission 22 - June 7, 1944
French Coast in back of our beachhead.

June 8, 1944
Afternoon mission. Recalled due to bad weather.
Mission 23 - June 10, 1944
French Coast at Orleans/Bricy A/F. Sat at plane from 4:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. before green flares. Flew into clouds over target.

Mission 24 - June 12, 1944
Illiers L'Eveque A/F behind our beachhead. Dropped on secondary target.

Mission 25 - June 14, 1944
Chateaudun A/F near Paris.

Mission 26 - June 18, 1944
Wenberg A/F near Hanover

Mission 27 - June 19, 1944
Pas-de-Calais. Buzz bomb sites.

Mission 28 - June 20, 1944
Same area. St. Cyr, France (A/F) 600' ceiling, so we hedgehopped coming home.

Mission 29 - June 22, 1944
St. Cyr, A/F on Coast of France. Bad flak. This was Mazza's 30th!

Mission 30 - June 25, 1944
Abbeyville, France.

Mission 31 - June 27, 1944
Criel Rail Tunnel and M/Y near Paris and a bridge. Scudday took a direct hit from heavy flak and went down "Blew My Cork." We left formation and made emergency landing on P-47 field!

July 8, 1944 - Sent to Rest Camp. Mazza and I went AWOL to Edinburgh, Scotland on the 9th.

July 27, 1944 - Smith assigned as pilot for crew.

August 3, 1944 - Left for the States along with Tucker.

World War II
Memories JACK J. WIND
and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

March 30, 1992

Dear Will:

Appreciate the copies of the letters and the formation schedule of June 27th. I think it is correct, was my last mission and you note that I landed at a P47 field, also noted C/L Manston. I presume that was the field and does C/L mean crash land? If so, I made an emergency landing because my engineer informed me right after dropping our bombs that all gas gages were zero so I went on air-... rescue and they ... me to the field - turned out it was the gages (?) so we took off and returned to base. Also, your note on Tucker is probably correct. His engineer was killed in the landing. I think it was also his last mission. Came back to the states together on the "Queen" August 3rd. Also Scudday was lost that day - only navigator and a gunner got out (I think). I could write a page full about that "milk run" mission. Don't think our squadron was led by a "GH" - the first squadron was, he dropped a "snake marker" and we dropped on it.
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