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8 April 1944

I have no idea where we were when the fighters hit us, but we must have been close to the target. I was left waist gunner and on that first pass they got us. No. 2 engine was knocked out and started windmilling. So I told the pilot, Barry, that he needed to feather that prop if he could. Then someone else reported that No. 3 was on fire.

With one on fire and one knocked out, we were told to get out. Raymond H. McKenna was the top turret gunner, but I never learned whether he got out or not [KIA].

You mentioned writing to Joe Cracolici - you have his correct address, but he has changed his last name to Coro.

I got a letter from Don Perry to learn that he is back home in West View, PA. Those two are the only ones of the crew that I have been able to locate.

Don Perry said that William Eure had died but I don't know for sure. He was the right waist gunner for our crew.

I got shot down on my very first mission so I did not get a chance to know many of the fellows. But one thing that impressed me was the concern shown when it was about time for the group to return. The boys who didn't go out on that mission would go to the flight line to watch to see if their friends made it back.

I don't know if I've been of any help or not, but if you think of anything else, I will tell you if I know.

An old Eight Baller

John Whitworth
Route No. 1, Box 288
Martin, GA

Perry is now at: 153 Schwitter Ave. West View, Pittsburgh, PA 15229
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