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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

December 27, 1982

In response to your letter of December 23, I would like to have the book you have prepared on the history of the 67th Squadron. I have enclosed a check in the amount of $12.50.

I really do not think that being found after all these years has that much to do with my attitude. I was drafted into the service and in the time there I never had an opportunity to meet any of my friends at any location that I went, but the flight crew that I was assigned to was from distant points from my hometown.

The original crew that I went to England with and started my tour of duty consisted of:

John W. Honmyer from Minneapolis, MN Pilot
Bernie Herman from Baltimore, MD Copilot
Christos George from Boston, MA Navigator
Bernie Fischer from Brooklyn, NY Bombardier
Ed Weddell from Indianapolis, IN Flight engineer
Ed McFarland from North Carolina Radio operator
Marvin Syron from somewhere in the west Waist gunner
Homer H. Blakely from Detroit, MI Ball gunner
And me, Joseph F. Wacker from Philadelphia, PA Tail gunner

Lt. Fischer was wounded early in our tour - fifth or sixth mission - as I recall. Home Blakely was grounded after our ninth mission and Lt. Herman was lost in action while flying with another crew to make up time somewhere around our 20th mission. Crew vacancies were filled with substitutes on a regular basis and I do not remember any of the names.

The John Robert Tray (from Ottumwa, Iowa) you mention was from Iowa and flew on another crew that went through flight training with us and was one that was a friend for many months. Marve Syron, I think, was from Montana.

Maybe one day I will see what memorabilia I have and would be glad to pass it on to you for your reference in the history you are assembling.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Best regards,

Joseph F. Wacker
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