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During the three-year period that we were on the farm, my wife's parents had both died, and we had an addition to our family, our little daughter, Mary. My plans at this time were to enter cattle farming. The Lord called me into the ministry as a full time pastor. I secured a care-taker to move on the farm, and the three of us set out to pursue a different lifestyle.

I entered college in November, 1948, and was ordained into the ministry May 27, 1950, and began pastoring at that time. I finished my work at Mississippi College in the summer of 1951, and moved to Glenn Allen, Mississippi, where I began pastoring full-time. After working there for two years, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where I entered the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to further my education. I also pastored a church near the Seminary. So our work started in Kentucky and for over two years we were very busy. But eventually it got the best of me and I had a heart attack.

After the heart attack, we moved back to Mississippi, and I began to pastor again. I was called to First Baptist Church Sharon, Laurel. Mississippi, and pastored there for nine and a half years. While we were at Sharon, our second child, Robin, was born. We stayed there so long it seemed to be "home" to us. Those lovely people are some of our dearest friends today.

After nine and a half years at Sharon, we moved to South Mississippi and another pasroeate which was rather short. I was called to pastor Angie Baptist Church in Angie LA. We worked here for a almost three years and finally decided to move to our home in Forest.

After we moved home, we decided to sell the farm. We both realized that we would not be able to move there and to keep things going.

After a few months at home, I was called to pastor the church, where as a young man, I accepted Christ as my personal savior. My ministry there was great. The people were so ready and willing to allow God to use them and me. We had a great movement in the Church and the people were so cooperative. I pastored Leaf River Baptist Church for eight years before I had to retire.

It was at this time that my health began to break. I had to resign from the ministry in 1980, and again we moved to our home in Forest. I had heart surgery 1984 which resulted in a valve replacement. The doctor chose the stainless steel valve which requires checking the blood each month at the lab. By this time my wife had resigned from teaching and was able to be with me at all time.

In November, 2002 an iron defeciency brought me down for a while. Recovery was slow but with God's help I was able to overcome that.

The next problem came in October, 2003 which was slightly worse. A blood vessel burst on the brain and I had to have brain surgery. My recovery from surgery was classified as a miracle by all of the doctors who were involved. One week from the time of the surgery, I was moved to Forest to a swing bed which had been reserved for twenty days. After two days, I was sent home. The doctors were surprised, and the therapists were puzzled to find that I was doing so well.

Audrey and I are grateful for the many blessings God has blessed us with. We have two lovely daughters, one in Florida, and the other in Georgia. We have six grandchildren, and one great-grand child.

On June 16, 2005, we will have been married for sixty years. What more could an old soldier ask? We hope to see you Labor Day weekend in Tacoma, Washington.
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