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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

1665 Pinellas Point Drive So.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

September 7, 1982

Dear Will:

I hope you have succeeded in contacting other members of our crew this year, as well as many other old 44th group members.

I was reflecting on a few events of the past and it comes to mind that when I was recalled to active duty during the Korean War, I was assigned to the 306th Bomb Wing at McDill AFB, Tampa. This was the original B-47 Wing. I was scheduled to go to the 44th Wing when it was formed but was sent to Okinawa instead. It would have been just too much to expect to again join the 44th.

You certainly must have done an immense amount of labor of love, to compile your book. While I have the first book on the 44th, I certainly would want yours, so enclosed is my check.

It is strange, but the last two years when the wife and I were in England, we never did get to Norwich or its environs, but we did get to Duxford Air Base which is an RAF and Eighth Air Force Museum. Unfortunately, no B-24s but a B-17, several B-29s as well as many RAF bombers, and fighters of several nations.

My best wishes and hope your book is a success.

My regards,

G. Van Son
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