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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

33 Montpelier Circle
Rochester, NY 14618


Dear Will:

In answer to your letter dated 11/6/87, I will try to give you as much accurate information on our crew as I can remember.

Between the time we left the 215th CCTS and our arrival in England there were several crew member changes. Raymond E. Ellis was replaced by Jack C. Thorne as pilot and Slack & King were replaced by George C. Economaki, and Frank J. Sullivan. The reason you cannot find Kaufmann is that early in our tour he damaged his knee badly and had to be hospitalized. He was replaced, I believe, by George W. Lewis. We were never assigned a full-time navigator. Instead, Jesus Martinez was assigned as bombardier/navigator. I have enclosed an operation order dated 28 May 1945 that lists the crew as it was when we left England with the exception of Kenneth Schuh who was assigned as navigator for the flight home only. As a crew, we arrived in England on 11/4/44, and departed on 5/28/45.

I am sorry to say that we were not a very close crew so I have very little information as to their present locations with the exception of Geo. Economaki. George is listed in the 1986 2nd ADA roster as living at 3405 Crestmoor Pl., DesMoines, IA 50310. Frank Sullivan's father sent me a letter in answer to a Christmas card that I had sent and informed me that Frank had been killed in an auto accident. This was in the late 40s or early 50s.

Please keep me updated on any information you acquire on the crew. I am really interested in their whereabouts.


James E. Vaisey

P.S. Sometime during our tour, Edwin S. Cowles III was transferred to another crew and replaced by Walter W. Wilson.
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