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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

On opening up my last journal, lo and behold on page 4 was a photo of my pilot, Lot. "Bob" Abernathy. I had started when the 44th first started [10 December 1942]. Brest St. Nagure, Wilhamshaven, etc. Trained on low level in England for the Ploesti raid. Went to hospital just before they moved out. The only ones I recognize are Bob, Sgt. Compton, middle front row, and radio gunner on right end of front row.

I have tried for 50 years to find Bob, but had no luck [killed in an accident].

I would appreciate all you can give me on Bob.

I was with the first combat unit to England - 15th B/S (L) A-20th who made the first raid on Germany 4 July 1942.

Will make the reunion "1997."


Donald "Roscoe" Turner
66th Squadron

P.S. The plane was painted with large, yellow letters and No. 4Q2.
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