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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy written by Lewis Graham, copilot - 68th Squadron)

February 28, 1997

Dear Will:

With deep sadness I'm reporting the loss of another of our comrades-in-arms. Dr. (M.D.) Shelby O. Turner, navigator, bombardier 68th squadron, on Trent Ackerman's crew died 2/16/97.

Shelby joined the 44th Bomb Group in early November 1944 and returned to the USA May 20, 1945.

Shelby flew 28 combat missions - including the last mission of the war (April 25, 1945) to Hallein, Germany. Most of his missions were flown in "The T.S. Tessie."

Shelby was raised on a large family farm in Clark Range, Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, majoring in agriculture - animal husbandry. He also received his 2nd Lt. commission from the U-T ROTC Program and served some time in the infantry prior to transferring to the Air Corp for navigator training.

After the war, Shelby Turner attended U-T for graduate degrees and established himself as a highly respected member of his community. He was very active in local politics, education (teacher), farming - cattle breeding, and later, medicine.

After obtaining his M.D. degree, Shelby established his own clinic in his home community and practiced "family medicine."

In January 1991, Dr. Turner suffered a severe cardiac arrest. For the past six years and one month, Dr. Turner has been bed-ridden, unable to walk or speak. This placed a great burden on the Turner family who so tenderly nursed him all this long time.

In memorium to Shelby Turner, let's recognize and remember that he served his country with honor in time of war and was a highly respected leader - servant in his community up until the time God decided it was time "to fold his wings!"

May he rest in peace.

Lewis R. Graham
Copilot - 68th Squadron
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