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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

3153 Winslow Way, NW
Salem, Oregon 97304

April 20, 2000

Dear Will:

Thank you for your letter of March 10th regarding the mission my husband Wallace Truslow flew. I sincerely appreciate the extra effort you made in clarifying this.

We were married 49 years when Wally died last June 1999. He was very closed mouth about his military experience. The most information I received was at air shows where he talked with other servicemen who had flown B24s. Wally was proud to serve his country and I often wished he would have expressed himself more. It was from these conversations and navigator instruments in his possession that I thought he served in that capacity. I appreciate your discovery of Wally's last name being misspelled. Trullow instead of Truslow in the middle of his missions.

Our children are all interested in Wally's service record especially our son, Glen, who is a pilot for Alaska Airlines. A couple of years ago was the first time since the war ended that we had any contact with Wally's unit. He was unable to speak so I wrote to the contacts I was given. Glen wants to make contact and speak in person to a crewmember Wally flew with and that I have had limited correspondence and several phone calls with. I'm sure this will fill in some of the blanks.

Sorry this is so rambling. I don't have correct information for the bio history so Glen will take it with him when he meets a former crewmember and hopefully, it can be accomplished.

Most sincerely,

Lorraine M. Truslow
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