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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

905-1ST Ave. SW
Austin, MN 55912
Phone: 507-433-7895
July 8, 1982

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I received your letter some time ago but I just could not get a return letter going.

Captain David Klaus sent me a letter, too, asking for pictures and information of the 66th. I have pictures of almost all the planes with the nose pictures. Some are good and some not so good. He has all of them at present. He is making a book of all the planes with pictures. If I give you his address and you call him, you could have him send them to you.

If you get them from him and you do your thing, I want all returned to me before anyone else gets them. Some are poor shots but he wanted them. I didn't take all of the shots but a fellow on my crew and I had a little photo developing shop in the 66th Eng. Barracks area and we got quite a few shots from other squadrons so we would make extras for ourselves.

I keep in touch with Edwin St. Vincent, a 66th crew chief and Kenneth Scholljergerde who I can call. I tried to contact Kenneth before the reunion, but could not get him. I will try again one day.

As to information on the plane 095-G and the Ketchum crew, I did hear that one plane crashed, but nothing more. We were scattered all over the U.S. after we got home. I went to Sioux Falls, SD and then to Biggs Field, Texas on B-29s.

I think I would have gone to somewhere if they had not laid the big bomb on Japan. I had 132 points to get out but my spec. number held me in. I got out in September, 1945. I left England real late in June. I never met one man of the 44th G.P. after I got back in service.

I will give you the address of Kenneth Scholljergerde: 1013 South Oak, Owatonna, MN 55060. Phone 1-451-5400. (crew chief)

Also, Edwin St. Vincent, 11 Briarwood St., Lynchburg, Virginia 24503.
Anthony J. Walkowiak, R #1, Box 397, Lock Haven, PA 17745.

St. Vincent may come through here later this fall. He wanted to come to the reunion this year but sickness on the wife's side did not permit. I'm sure he will be at the next one. I have to write to him, too.

I hope this little information will help you some.

John Tomhave
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