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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

550 Carved Terrace Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

25 October 1982

Dear Will:

It's about time I got a note off to you and let you know we are still alive and kickin'. Our summer is over now, but we are having a real Indian summer and the fall is just great.

I am starting to work on the project of identifying all the missing crews from the group and I have a few blanks so thought I should let you know about them so you can keep your eyes open as you continue your research. For every crew that I reconstruct that are not all KIA, I try to find one active address so I can send them what I have and ask for verification of crewmembers and positions.

One of the things that seem to be hard for me to identify is the serial numbers of the crewmembers, especially if the entire crew was KIA. I wrote to Joe Warth yesterday to see if he could help in this respect through the POW organization. By the way, does the MACR's show these serial numbers? If so, please send me any you have and I will make copies and return your originals.

I am making an attachment of crews that I need help on hoping that you may have something on them. No doubt you have run into some of this stuff in your research that did not properly belong in your book on the 67th.

By the way, the last data you sent me on the 68th from May through August of 1944 sure did fill in a lot of blanks in my records. You don't happen to have any more of that prior to May 1944 do you?

I am also enclosing one sheet that I consider fairly complete so you will see what the end results will look like when I get through. I will send you a complete set when I get finished or what I have at any given time if you would like it. I plan to take a set to Rapid City for the memorial when it is finished.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help on your projects or any reproducing etc. that you need. Good luck on your winter project and be sure to keep in touch. By the way, let me know just what end results you are striving for on your listing of lost men. Remember, I can put all the stuff on a computer and then sort it any way that you want as an end result.
Best regards, Webb
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