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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

324 Hazel Dr.
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625-3031

10 November 1984

Dear Will:

Enjoyed seeing you in Palm Springs. I agree that it was a good turnout but it certainly didn't have the cozy feeling and not nearly the nostalgia for me as I felt in Norwich. I would like to go back to Norwich again for another one, but I feel that anymore frequently than about five year intervals runs the risk of having the folks over there grow weary of us.

I have no plans to go to Rapid City. I still hold down a full-time job, so it's necessary for me to spend vacation time for anything like travel. I have plenty of the patches and if they do run out, I'll have some more made up. It will be easy to do next time, now that I have a sample. I'm delighted to send them to anyone who wants them as they fit well into an envelope.

The caps are another story. I still have about 30 of them left. They cost just under seven dollars each to have made up. They are awkward in shape for packing and shipping. I figured that I would just keep them until I attended another reunion, then take them along. However, if anyone or group wanted five or more, then I would be glad to ship them. In that event, seven dollars each plus a couple of dollars for the lot for packing and shipping would be about right. A person could always attach one of the patches to any cap or hat of his choice.

I'll probably see you at the next Southern California mini-reunion. I doubt if I'll go to any others until the next one is held in England, with the possible exception of Hawaii.

Until next time, best of all and Cheers,

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