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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

September 2, 1994

Dear Will:

I am delighted to hear from you and hope you and Mrs. Lundy are well and happy.

Please find application for Life Membership and check for same enclosed. As you probably know, Loyes Knotts, my ball turret gunner, and I attended the Dayton effort - sort of a mini-reunion. Some _____ ensued about the breakup of 44th HMG and as you say, any discussion was anti-climatic. So be it.

I am not able to attend Colorado Springs affair in that this past February I encountered a virus attack on the left ventricle and lost about 70% of my heart output. I am slowly recovering and now at about 40% capacity. A hell of a fix when I had been used to going 110% all the time.

I can't operate above 4000 MSL which means no flying nor even living at COS.

I missed a lot of heads at Dayton for various reasons the most which you know of. My wife and daughters will be in Colorado during the 44th get together for a family reunion. Me and the cat will guard the fort in SC.

Wish you and the new organization the best of luck and hope to see you next year or rather in 1996.


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