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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

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Hi, Will:

We, too, received a letter from Mary Turocy - we've corresponded at Christmas since the war but never got together. Sure sorry John passed away. I nearly lost my wife to cancer four years ago so kinda know how Mary feels.

Just for the record, I was shot down on my 9th mission. One more than my crew because I flew my first mission as copilot to a long, tall Texan. It was an indoctrination flight for sure - the 8th AF lost 96 planes that day and decided not to make friends I might not have after the next mission.

Yes, I can tell you for sure that Gwin got back okay and was released from service. I ran into him at the Topeka, Kansas or St. Louis (can't be certain) air terminal sometime in 48 or 49, and he was looking good and working for an aircraft company, I think.

Hope that bit of information helps you.

Goodman and Gwin were both injured in an earlier mission and I never saw Goodman or heard from him after he left the hospital for the states.

Floyd Greene, I think, went to Kansas City after the war. I was never interested in following that one up and if you run into Davido or anyone else in a command position at the time, I'm sure they can tell you why. I won't because I was too close, and personally prejudiced, but right all the way (in my opinion).


Glenn Sweigart

P.S. Been nice of you to write. May run with you down the road some day.
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