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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

1905 Hart
Dodge City, KY, 67501


Dear Mr. Lundy:

I have your letter of June 24, 1986 regarding our crew of B24-D that was shot down over Germany on February 22, 1944.

Due to heavy damage to the plane, we were forced to bail out. We landed near Wessel, Germany. We were all accounted for and uninjured except for our bombardier, Lt. Harold Z. Flaugh of Winterset, Iowa. No trace was ever found of him during or after the war.

I was in contact with Lt. E. A. Evans for a few years after the war, but have not heard from him for probably 30 years. I have never been in contact with any of the other crew members. I did contact and visit Lt. Flaugh's mother and father in Iowa in 1945.

The name of the crew members as I remember them are, Lt. Lewis Pinkussohn nav., NY City; E. A. Evans, pilot, Fort Worth, TX; Sgt. Jackson, radio operator, Ohio; Sgt. Oscursimon, tail gun, Evanville; Sgt. Tom Putman, waist gunner, Georgia; Sgt. Wild, waist gun, New Hampshire; Sgt. John O. Britt, ball gun., Buffalo, NY.

The sergeant that was the engineer I do not remember his name or home town.

I am well acquainted with Davy Meyers here in Dodge City. He is a lawyer.

I am now retired (October 1985) and am living an easy life.

I hope that this will help you in your search.

Very truly yours,

Clifford Wendell Swank
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