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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

March 26, 1990

Dear Mr. Lundy:

Enclosed is a check for $26.00 for a copy of the History of the 67th Bomb Squadron.

Must say I've really enjoyed copies of the Logbook Bill Topping sent. Hope I can find others.

Our crew didn't get over until 1945, so I didn't get much action. Flew back and was awaiting reassignment at Sioux Falls when VJ Day came. Went to Horlingen as permanent party to wait discharge. Helped close range base, A.C. supply, then to C&E classification and motor pool. Finally out and back to Ark.

Re: The picture best I can recall is John Moreno - was from Mass.
Milton Swartz was from Albany, NY
Carlos G. Henry was from Rikeville or Crossville, TN
James B. Suggs was from Clinton, Ark.
Ronnie Kelshaw was from Harrisburg, PA
___? Robertson (back East?)
___? Lynch (back East?)
___? Horwatt ?
I parted with crew at Bradley Field. Came to Ft. Chaffie, home for TDY.
Believe E. H. Huffine of Ft. Worth ? was one of the ground crew who came back with us.
John Friedel was pilot and copilot Lunarfral.
Went to 66th or 68th. Ran with their crew much of the time. May have pictures of some taken while at Savannah.

Will appreciate any assistance you can give, especially mailing of history.

My oldest boy tried to get me to come to Ft. Worth to Reunion, but didn't realize it would be as it was; have Ft. Worth papers.

John D. Friedel, Tampa, FL

Remain forever,

James B. Suggs
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