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(Taken from letter sent to Will Lundy)

July 10, 1996

I finally found the material I wanted to send to you and I will send it to you soon.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the reminding me of the "seating arrangement" on the Queen Mary. I can recall looking out the "port hole" and I was just practically level with the ocean. I, as well as you, I'm sure, remember the double occupancy. My mates and I huddled up by the smokestacks for warmth. I am also glad to get a listing of the 66th squadron even though I was later changed to it from Group Headquarters. The time of arrival in Scotland had also gotten away from me. Thanks many times. I am making copies also for my daughter and grandchildren.

Thank you again for the material. I hope when you receive what I have held on to for over 50 years, it will meet your needs.

I apologize for my writing. I am now 87 years of age and my hands don't seem to work anymore.


William Cecil Stewart

P.S. You might wonder how I came in possession of the material. - from the assembly area at Sioux Falls. I was sent to Great Bend Kansas Air Base. The 44th Group had also gone there. As you can guess, I knew nobody. I was assigned to military intelligence as I had been in England. This material was "dumped" on me. I did not know what to do with it. It had no meaning to anyone there, so I came home with it. After I had it here, I was in the same shape. I'm glad it has in some way found a home.
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