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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

May 12, 1984

Dear Mr. Lundy:

Received your letter today and am listing the current address of T/Sgt Charlie Payne first - Charles H. Payne, RD 1, Box 76, Cornelia, GA 30531. Bus phone 404-778-4927, home 404-778-0921.

He and his brother have Cornelia Electric and Plumbing business in Cornelia. He was in the 44th at Shipdham and 36th bomb squadron at Cheddington and Alunbury.

I was only at Shipdham a short time to join some of the older, more experienced men, and we became the 36th B.S.

Most of the older men we had in the 36th came from Shipdham:

Austin V. Young, St. Joseph, MO
Leo Lester Sharpnack, W. Desmoines, IO
Mike J. Luzzi, Brooklyn, New York
Thomas Carey
Norman R. Edwards, Kingston, WV
Martin V. Gerrity (deceased)
Roy Ausserer, Tacoma WA
Joseph Candy

I haven't made much headway getting addresses that are current. A lot of my letters come back because of outdated addresses.

Am enclosing two checks - one for $22.50 and one for $20.00 to cover Eight Balls and 67th Squadron.

I hope this note finds you and yours healthy.

Best regards,

John Steininger
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