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World War II Memories


My first mission is worth a word, perhaps many more than that. April 8, 1944, Target: Brunswick, Germany. To make a long story short, the 44th lost 11 B-24s in one enemy fighter pass over Brunswick ala 12 0' Clock High wing tip to wing tip out of the sun. I believe the plane I was flying in was Southern Comfort II (the first one had blown up). We lost an engine over the target, got the s_ _ _ shot out of us over Hanover by flak (on the way home), had a flat tire on landing, ran off the runway to he left and as I recollect, I believe, the nose wheel collapsed when we hit the dirt. Some beginning!

The next morning, Sunday (Easter Sunday) I went down to the flight line to see what was left of our plane and I met an experienced line man who, upon showing me where the plane was, said "the guys on that plane must have been on their FIRST mission or their LAST." When I asked why, he told me they had found an unexploded 20mm shell in the gas tank!!!!! Some beginning.
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