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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

5938 Desiree Crt.
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

18 October 1984

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I certainly did appreciate your letter which arrived here on 24 September but I did not get back from a vacation at La Selva Beach (really wonderful!) until a few days ago. I am still trying to go through all my mail and hope to catch up with everybody before the end of the month!

Well, I was certainly disappointed to learn that the 66th Squadron does not have an origination all its own. You folks of the old 68th must be very close, indeed, since yours is the only squadron to organize. I had had some ideas of joining the 66th origination, if such had existed. Well, so much for that. As you probably know, I am a member of the 2nd Air Division Association and enjoy the Journal very much. I would have liked to have attended the Palm Springs bash but it was just a little too expensive for me. I realize that it may be a long time before the reunion is out on the West Coast again and so that was even more disappointing. I understand the next reunion will be in New Jersey.

I would like to have the address of the 44th SMW, if you have it available. It might be worthwhile to attend one of their reunions - especially if they would hold one a little closer to California.

I surely admire your great dedication which was required in order to write a history of the 44th Bomb Group from microfilmed records. I am a retired newspaperman and technical editor and book publisher, so I can really appreciate all the hours, frustration, and just plain old hard work you put in to make that book a reality! You referred to The 44th Liberators over Europe. Is that the title of your book? IF you still have a few of your books around, I would be interested in buying one.

That's something else I didn't know -- that I was mentioned in any book! Hey, I might be famous yet! Seriously, you are quite correct. I was born in Indianapolis and spent most of my years (except the war) there and then retired and moved to California. I had enough of cold winters, snow, etc., and besides, most of my family and my wife's family live in the Sacramento or Los Angeles areas.

What a coincidence! When you folks passed through Indianapolis on the way to the 44th Reunion in Dayton, we were in Indianapolis on a visit. Were there from May 16-26. As you said, the town was a busy place with the annual 500 coming up.

I was failed to mention earlier that I was transferred in mid-war from the 66th to the 2nd Air Division HQ at Ketteringham Hall, so that I lost touch to a considerable extent with the 44th, although being in the IG Office, I made monthly armament inspections at all 19 air bases. Kept us very busy indeed. I have bored you long enough, so will close. How nice to receive your fine letter!

Most sincerely,

Don Siebert
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