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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

August 20, 1982

Dear Bill:

Two years ago, my wife and I went back to England. We stayed with her sister near Norwich for three weeks. We rented a car and toured most of England and Scotland. I truly enjoyed every mile of it.

We spent a day in Dereham, also visited the old 44th base and even had a drink of ale in the Shipdham pub. Very little left of our base. The tower, parachute building, and several hangars still standing which are now occupied by various firms such as construction, etc.

They were just beginning to tear out the main runway (so brought a piece of the rock back). All very interesting.

Also went to Cambridge and vicinity and visited the War Memorial. Rather sad to see some of our good buddy's names posted there.

England, truly is a beautiful country as very little of the bombing results remain.

Also visited the Norwich Library. It is something certainly worth our support.

In all, it was a great trip and brought back some fond memories, especially Picadilly St. and the few other places of interest in London).

As for me, I am still enjoying good health, which I am very thankful for.

Most of my time since the war has been spent in farming with the exception of several years in the neon sign business. I retired from farming in the spring of 1980 and for the lack of something to do, I got involved with a seed corn company, so now keep in touch with my neighbors selling them seed corn, beans, forages, etc.

Now, my latest venture is salesman for Dome houses and buildings. We do have franchises in various states.

As ever, your Army buddy

Art Schoop
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