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Frank  H.  Robinson


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United States Air Force

Retired June 4, 1958; Died May 24, 1979.

Frank Hamlet Robinson was born in Everett, Washington in 1904. He graduated from high school at Centralia, Washington, in 1922 and attended Washington State college for three years.

Appointed a fling cadet in March 1926, General Robinson graduated from primary and advanced flying schools February 28, 1927 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Reserve. He received his regular commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Corps two days later and was assigned at Selfridge Field, Michigan. In July 1929, he became an instructor at the flying school, Kelly Field, Texas.

Going to the Panama Canal Zone in May 1934, General Robinson joined the 25th Bomb Squadron at France Field. Two years later he entered the Air Corps Tactical School at Maxwell Field, Alabama. Graduated in July 1937 and was assigned to the 96th Bomb Squadron at Langley Field, VA. Moving to MacDill Field, Florida, in May 1940, he commanded successively the 52nd Bomb Squadron and the 29th Bomb Group. In February 1942 he assumed command of the 98th Bomb Group at Barksdale Field, LA.

Assuming command of the 44th Bomb Group at Will Rogers field, Oklahoma, in July 1942, that October General Robinson took it to England. The next April he was named liaison officer for the Second Air Force at Fort George Wright, Washington, and in May 1943, he assumed command of the air base at Sioux Falls, S.D.

Joining the Eastern Flying Training Command at Maxwell Field, Alabama, in October 1943, General Robinson was named air inspector. He assumed command of Moody Field, GA, in December 1945 and the following March was named air inspector of the Flying Training Command at Randolph Field, Texas. In October 1946 he took command of Williams Field, Arizona.

Going to Okinawa in December 1947, General Robinson became chief of staff of the First Air Division. Appointed inspector general of the Far East Air Forces, Tokyo, Japan in June 12949,k the next March he became deputy inspector general, FEAF.

Two months later General Robinson was named inspector general of the Continental Air Command at Mitchel Air Force Base, NY. In January 1951 he was appointed inspector general of the Air Defense Command at Ent Air Force Base, Colorado, and two months later he was designated vice commander o the Central Air Defense Force at Kansas City, MO.

Transferred to the Air Training Command in November 1943, General Robinson was named inspector general, ATRC at Scott Air Force Base, ILL. On August 31, 1954, he was appointed chief of staff, ATRC, there, assuming command of the Crew Training Air Force, Air Training Command, with headquarters at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas on January 23, 1956.

General Robinson is rated a command pilot, combat observer and aircraft observer.

(Up to date as of May 1956).
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