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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

July 22, 1996

Dear Will:

Received your letter and was pleased to get the information about Yatkones' crew. I plan to write to the members with addresses listed.

The picture that Baker sent you was taken at Biggs Army Air Field, El Paso, TX during phase training. I have each crewmember numbered and identified.

Nine members of the crew completed their missions on 17 October 1944. I have the target listed in my logbook as Cologne, Germany. Yatkones was hospitalized for awhile so other pilots filled in on our crew, including the Sq. CO and that is why Yatkones completed his missions later than the rest of us.

I am sure of the accuracy of the corrections I mad eon "Listing of Missions" as I have my Form 5 that lists mission time as "C" time.

Our crew completed 18 missions with the 376th BG 15th AF and received 3/5 credit upon arrival at 44th.

I live about 50 miles form Savannah and have been active in supporting the 8th AF Heritage Museum. My wife, Betty, and I volunteer twice a month for one-half day. During the opening on 13-14 May 1996, I met Tom Parsons and Jim Clements. They were instrumental in getting me to join the 44th BGVA.

I plan to attend the reunion in St. Louis but it may be for only the last two days. My wife is a Navy veteran and has a reunion in Springfield, MO October 2-5 so we are trying to work out a schedule.

Thanks again for all the information.


Edward Robarts
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