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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

3 June 1993

Dear Will Lundy:

Please forgive my lengthy delay in answering your letter of January 16th, but believe me, it just wasn't possible for me to write sooner.

I'm not surprised that you did not find me listed in the mid-1944s. At that time I was still flying in the Pacific with the 7th AF (30th BG, 392 Squadron), so it wasn't until early in 1945 that I was sent to Shipdham and assigned to the 66th with the 44th BG.

My assignment was that of gunnery and weapons squadron officer, so I was not assigned to any one particular crew and though in squadron staff, I could choose any particular crew and aircraft to fly with (provided they accepted me) and so I managed to fly a few missions towards the end.

As you may know, the 66th was sent back to the States in May, soon after VE Day. On reaching the States, many of our outfit chose to leave the Service though quite a few of us chose to remain and were assigned to Great Bend, Kansas for transition to B-29s. Then came V-J Day and the base was closed and we scattered to the Four Corners. Some of us maintained contact, but that too dissolved after a time.

Now after all these years and retired with grandchildren and great grandchildren, it's nice to get and read the 44th Logbook and maintain some sort of contact.


Hugh Rincon

P.S. Would you possibly know where and how I could get a copy of the book Log of the Liberators by Steve Brodsall published by Doubleday in 1973. Your help will be appreciated.
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